Dry Type Transformers


LTL offers a full range of dry-type transformers with primary voltages up to 33 kV built according to all major standards including IEC and ANSI. Dry-type transformers are popular due to their ability to minimize environmental contamination and fire hazards. These transformers are fabricated to meet strict parameters of electrical system demands and functioning in areas with extreme climatic conditions. They are designed to be virtually maintenance free and are manufactured in accordance with industry and international standards.


  • Capacity up to 2,500 kVA.
  • Varying voltages up to 33 kV.
  • Frequency of 50/60 Hz (may be customized for customer requirements).
  • Offers a range of tap types – Off circuit tap links/off circuit tap changer/on load tap changer
  • Temperature rise can be customized to meet customer requirements.
  • Choice of cooling system – AN/AF

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