Special Transformers


In addition to standard types of transformers used for distribution applications, we build special transformers for industrial applications. These non-standard types used in electrical and/or mechanical applications, are the result of extensive product development founded on constant monitoring and evaluation of evolving customer needs encompassing a variety of market segments.  

Types of Special Transformers

  • Rectifier/Converter Duty Transformers
  • Earthling/Grounding Transformers
  • Isolation Transformers
  • Completely Self Protected Transformers
  • Dual Voltage Ratio Transformers
  • Multi Winding Transformers
  • Auto Transformers
  • Low Voltage Air Cooled Transformers
  • Pad Mounted Transformers (Dead Front) as per ANSI Standards


Custom Services Offered for Special Transformer Manufacture

  • Designed and built to precise customer requirements.
  • Technical advice on equipment selection before order finalization.
  • Robust design suitable for use in myriad operating environments including steel mills, chemical industries, and construction sites.

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